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This project has been quite educational. It is astonishing how many wild flowers I could find right here, in my town. I started photographing at the end of April in Angell Woods and then I moved over to Fresh Meadows. As the summer progressed, new discoveries were made every few days. Most of these flowers are considered weeds and are completely ignored. Many are truly beautiful.I have a new appreciation for the biodiversity at our doorstep.
Equipped with my camera, the walk to the field became routine...until they cut the grass. With shock and disbelief, I had to find another field - not an easy task in the city of Beaconsfield. With luck, I found a hidden field bordering Angell Woods. It was a completely untouched piece of Nature. The varieties of flowers were endless.
Finding the names of each plant was a challenge. While some flowers may look virtually identical, they are found on plants which are quiet different. We must enjoy such bounty while we can.
Miniature crocus (size of a fingernail)White violetPurple violetsScilla Siberica alba blueScilla Siberica alba whiteScilla mischtschenkoanaScilla mischtschenkoanaPurple TrilliumWhite TriliumPink Catesby TrilliumTrout LilyBlack cohoshTrout LilyColdfoot in bloomColdfoot, seeding stage

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Monica Lambton(non-registered)
Stunningly beautiful and amazing photography! So interesting and fun to see the names of all the different flowers. I recognized some of the names of the herbs but had no idea they were growing right here! Thank you so much for sharing your project.
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